As a Claim Manager (CM)


Freelance Legal and Non-Legal Professionals, Lawyers, Dispute Specialists, Law Professors, Arbitrators, Academics, Retired Judges, in addition to Private Practitioners and Lawyers in law firms


Practiclaim Managers are the backbone of the platform, specialized dispute practitioners dedicated to handling all aspects of claims. As independent claim managers, they act as liaisons between users and the Claim Service Providers, to ensure consistency, coordination, and the best outcome for each claim. They are responsible for issuing initial claim pre-assessment notes, carrying out preventive work, preparing pre-claim dispute notices, conducting risk assessments, devising post-award recovery strategies, and assessing dispute risks as well as performing high-level management throughout the claim process – along with coordinating claim budgets, managing instructions and fee engagements. We offer them the opportunity to join Practiclaim cost free as preferred claim managers on a selective basis.

Allocation of work is assigned on a conflict-free non-exclusive basis, whether users are onboarded on the platform directly, sourced by themselves or by other claim managers. Diversity, Inclusion, Free-Choice, and Neutrality principles guide the allocation of claim mandates, not based on a traditional linear assignment model.

Keeping in mind the guiding principles that underpin the Practiclaim model, we ask that claims be processed in an ethical, self-managed, conflict-free, interests-aligned, and collaborative manner. Forward-thinking approaches and flexible value-based fee schemes constitute the main characteristics that Practiclaim is looking for in its claim managers.


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