Our Solution

Practiclaim provides a full range of strategy, claim management, dispute resolution, litigation financing and monetization services to claimholders and claim providers needing support globally. This optimizes favourable settlements, case wins, enforcement, and recovery.

Legal solutions

Practiclaim provides personalized claims’ legal solutions, in a timely and cost-effective manner, using multi-sourced evaluation and client engagement methods from preferred claim service providers.

For each claim, it assists selecting, assembling, and monitoring teams of dispute counsel, claim assessors and dispute service providers who have specific knowledge of the claims to deliver work on a centralized, self-managed, risk-sharing, outcome-related fee basis.

This ensures that arbitrations, litigations, and proceedings are managed consistently, shifting away from pre-imposed traditional models that hinder the quality and efficiency of the claim mandate, and its outcome.

Commercial and financial solutions

Practiclaim provides a bespoke commercial and financial claims’ solution throughout the claim journey and the ensuing disputes, by devising tailored risk-sharing structures and optimized pricing models, through allocating the best specialists for each claim.

Claimholders and claim providers can evaluate, progress, fund and monetize their claims, awards, judgments, and receivables at any time.

In addition to monetization, bespoke investment structures include upfront discounted payments or advances with long term equity participation in claims, awards and judgements whether onboarded or not on the platform.

How it works

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