As a Claim Service Provider (CSP)


Law Firms and Chamber functions, Boutique Firms, Claims Management Companies, Litigation Funders and other Claim Specialists and Service Providers, Advisors and Financiers


Practiclaim Service Providers are vital to the success of the process and user’s experience. We offer them the opportunity to join Practiclaim cost-free as preferred legal claim service providers on selective criteria. In this way, they will be able to pitch specific claims that might benefit from Practiclaim on an ad hoc basis.

Allocation of work is done through a competitive bidding process which selects the best cost-for-value claim service provider on a conflict-free non-exclusive basis, with creative advocacy and technical expertise to ensure optimal results.

Keeping in mind the guiding principles that underpin the Practiclaim model, we ask that claims be processed in an ethical, self-managed, conflict-free, interests-aligned, and collaborative manner. Forward-thinking approaches and flexible value-based outcome-related fee schemes constitute the main characteristics that Practiclaim is looking for in its claim service providers.


“Fulfilling, Empowering & Challenging Experience”

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